About us

The Biotech Plant Lab of Beira Interior, within the Portuguese Scientific and Technological System, was established under a cooperation agreement among the Polytechnic Institute of Castelo Branco, the Municipality of Fundão, the University of Beira Interior (Covilhã) and the University of Campinas, Brazil. Moreover, the Biocant Park in Cantanhede is a partner of the Center.


It aims to carry out research in the field of plant biotechnology in partnership with the agricultural, forestry, and aromatic and medicinal plants sectors.


• to develop the field of plant biotechnology and to promote its use in economic activities;
• to establish partnerships and provide products and services that will enable the creation and growth of companies related to the agricultural, forestry, and aromatic and medicinal plants sectors;
• to offer facilities, equipment, technology and support to start-up and spin-off companies;
• to cooperate with other national and international R&D institutions.

What we do

The Biotech Plant Lab focuses its activities on identification, characterization, breeding, multiplication and conservation of species / varieties / cultivars and exploration of bioactive compounds with commercial interest, enhancing its use as a promotional factor of economic activity.

In vitro plant propagation and conservation systems

Establishment of plant material of fruit trees (i.e. rootstocks, varieties and cultivars), ornamental plants, aromatic and medicinal plants, and forest trees.
Plant multiplication using micropropagation procedures ranging from multiplication in agar medium to modern technology by temporary immersion bioreactors.
Rooting in vitro or ex vitro systems to ensure the highest yields and quality of final plants.
Both lines and plant material from selected clones can be kept through slow growth or cryopreservation systems.

Molecular characterization

We identify and characterize species, varieties and cultivars using modern molecular characterization methodologies using PCR, RT-PCR and DNA sequencing.

Prospecting bioactive compounds

We do prospecting secondary metabolites with bioactivity mainly in autochthonous flora.
We extract, identify and characterize chemicals from different parts of plants.
In order to identify and quantify different compounds, we use liquid and gas chromatography, mass spectrometer, infrared spectroscopy and Raman microscopy.

Research staff

The Biotech Plant Lab has its own staff and works in collaboration with a group of researchers, specialized in plant biotechnology, who work at the School of Agriculture of the Polytechnic Institute of Castelo Branco.


Centro de Biotecnologia de Plantas da Beira Interior
Qta Srª de Mércules
Apartado 119
6001-909 Castelo Branco
Phone: 272339900
Coordinates: 39.819397º N , 7.453881º W